Affordable Housing in the Marina

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Currently a city non-profit, Community Housing Partnership, would like to convert an old Motel on Lombard near the Presidio into a dormitory for former foster youth. Youth that "graduate" out of foster care often have extremely high rates of homelessness if they are not given the proper support. Imagine when you were eighteen and were not on your way to college and your parents said - "your completely on your own now." That does happen, and some children can handle it, but many foster youth can not.

The neighbors of the Marina are predictably fighting this proposal because they think the youth will bring more crime and lawlessness. Shame on the Marina, and shame on the leaders from that area.

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I agree

NIMBYism at its worst.  Many San Franciscans give great lip service to supporting affordable housing -- until they have to put it in their neighborhood.  I would like to see more affordable housing throughout all neighborhoods in SF.  I'd like to see some sort of policy where perhaps developers get more "credit" for building affordable housing in higher income zip codes or where there is a below a certain level of affordable housing units.  Perhaps the "credit" is more tax credits, less unit requirements, or a smaller affordable housing fee. 

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