DBI Reform

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About my question to the mayoral candidates at the CommonWealth Club, Oct 6, hosted by Melissa Griffin. What are your ideas for DBI reform?  Now everybody complains about this city department, and the excerpts from Yelp are a proof of that.  Why is the service at DBI so bad? 
I believe it is because the department has a financial incentive to give you bad service.  Recall, if you hire a contractor to refinish your floors, for example.  When do you pay him?  Well, you pay him (the majority of the money at least) when he has completed the job.  Otherwise what guarantee do you have that he will give you good service?
Same with the DBI.  Recall, you always pay up front for building permits and other fees.  Restructure those payments so that some is paid up front and some is paid upon issuance of the permit.  Then you will agree that service will improve.  I guarantee it.

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