"In-fill" development as a modern solution to density.

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There are many ways to achieve greater housing density along existing transit corridors.

There also must be a focus on providing the infrastructure prior to the development of housing.

Developers are utilizing "green" and transit orientated focus to help bolster there proposals, without seriously looking at better community based alternatives that would meet the project sponsors goals, but also the communities needs.

We need a stronger voice in the planning and proposal phases so that individuals who provide concepts and critique of a plan are given equal footing at providing a stronger solution/resolution of the problem.

Open competitions for designs and allowing architects to submit alternatives for public consideration and decision would help to resolve the problems of developer/speculative proposals that ignore community issues.

(see Parkmerced, www.parkmercedvision.com and SFSU's Masterplan www.sfsumasterplan.org which both ignore Parkmerced as an eligible national register site and district. See www.tclf.org Marvels of Modernism "landscapes at risk" 2008)

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