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No more housing is needed.  In public housing, upgrading is definitely needed, and I support that.  I do not support increasing density by tripling it such as in Rebuild Potrero.  I don't know whether the other housing projects are increasing the density by so much, but they should not be.  Increasing density in our limited space increases social tensions, strains city services (for which we are ill equipped to pay) and increases traffic to undesirable levels.  Cut back on this density increase now.  That will avoid further strain on city services, avoid increasing social tensions and allow more positive interaction between neighbors and neighborhoods, and keep traffic from increasing.

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Rent Control

Form a commission of landlords and tenants without politicians to study the rent control laws with a goal of drastically reducing them to achieve equitable treatment for landlords and tenants.  Currently the structure of favoring tenants over landlords keeping rental units off the market, and actually hurting tenants with higher rents due to decreased supply.  Other cities see this situation as anarchy, which is a fair assessment.

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Better Government

Find the inefficiency in city administration and clean it up.  Muni is a good place to start with unqualified personnel managing others who are unqualified to do a job.  That situation exists throughout city government, with people on the payroll who do not perform.  This is a tough one, and I don't have the answer on how best to go about it, but the way budgets are cut, starting with police and health, to balance the budget is not the answer.   That looks only at big dollars and just shaves without regard to need.  Many people sit at desks doing their own businesses, using city equipment, time and materials, and they need to be fired.  Further, the mayor should not be the business manager for the city.  That job is political, so that person should not manage the city.  A city manager trained in managing a municipal government's business is the one to manage the city.  While there is a city administrator of sorts, the job does not have much influence over how the city is managed, but it should.  Along the way mayors have usurped the city administrator's job to increase power, and that power should be scaled back so the mayor is more of a PR representative and figurehead, with the city manager working with the Board of Supervisors on issues and really getting something done. 


Regarding the Board of Supervisors, suggestions for greater efficiency:

1. Focus on municipal and county issues and not international or state issues over which they have no authority.

2.  Avoid focusing on personal issues such as McDonald's happy meals, meatless Mondays, and hundreds more like this.  Stay out of people's personal issues and stop telling them how to live.  Help city staff and administration manage more efficiently by focusing on municipal and county matters, not frivolous ones.

3.  Pass a ordinance that would censure supervisors who throw tantrums in Board meetings, use foul language, and are generally uncooperative with their fellow supervisors.  Include measures for removing supervisors who overstep their bounds by threatening the jobs of other city employees.

4.  Develop a system to evaluate supervisor's proposals as to whether they would result in more efficient city management or the good of all city  citizens.  If they don't meet this criteria, quash them.

5.  Stop placing issues on the ballot that guarantee city funds for salaries and other expenditures that might not be feasible in a down economy, with an good example being the salaries of bus drivers. 

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I like your thoughts

I like your thoughts, and I'm wondering (because I don't know this) is the mayor of S.F. also it's city manager?

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re: rent control

marwalk63 - what evidence would you point to showing that rent control keeps rental units off the market?  Rents remain extremely high in this city, and unemployment seems to drive up vacancy rates far more than rent control.

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Affordable Housing "Choice"....

Its in the SF General Plan section 8.1 the article reads about the "OPTION" on renting or purchasing a home.

The need is to have affordable housing choice that recognizes the RIGHT of individuals to choose to rent vs. to buy.

The mortgage and speculative industry of housing is ignoring the existing need for low-mid income working class housing.

The prior solution was Parkmerced, now we need more inventive density solutions integrating infrastructure, energy, preservation, and immenent domain due to the limited areas to densify.

Imagine utilizing some of the gridded street layouts of SF to add density low-scale to existing streets. There are many solutions, but demolishing sound existing housing like Parkmerced, without reviewing infill opportunities seems to be un-sustainable.

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