low cost housing for single people

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Often the focus on affordable housing goes to families, especially families with children.. however.. there is a large segment of the SF population that is not married and never will be.

We need affordable housing also.

A few years ago I was in southern Spain not far from Barcelona. The city I visited had a housing shortage and a population demographic very similar to SF.

The city became the developer and produced 25,000 low cost units, FOR SALE, to residents.  The units were really bare bones.. 350-500 square feet and they were NOT finished interiors.. so each buyer had to finish the units themselves.. they did have a functional bathroom and shower and a basic kitchen sink.  The units sold for $35-50,000.  Yes thats right!

There is NO REASON why the same can not be done here in SF.  The ONLY reason new units cost so much is the greed of the developers and endemic corruption in the process.

Create a public private partnership and lets get this done.  The population of single renters is aging and growing.  There is going to be a crisis if this isn't dealt with.  Or, a lot of long term residents of the city.. people who have made the cultural scene what it is.. are going to have no choice but to leave.. 

RE: low cost housing for single people

I couldn't agree more. I am single and have been a renter for close to 20 years in San Francisco which means I have thrown away close to $200,000 in rent, with nothing to show for it.  How I would love to have the smallest little nook to call my own.

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