Unlicensed Civil Engineer Jen Faces 232 Felony Charges

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Jimmy Jen, being held on $50 million bail, faces 232 felony charges because he reportedly used the names of licensed engineers in a variety of projects submitted for approval since 1990. He even made fake rubber stamps to make documents look official.


Do city officials need to do more to make sure building permits are being approved by the correct person? How can such blatantly corrupt practices go unnoticed for 20 years?

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SF departments turn a blind eye to unpermited work by landlords

yes-- my landlord installed an illegal unit which involved the improper removal of asbestos by unlicensed contractors- who dug up the building's back yard to bury asbestos covered debris and then paved it over to hide the evidence!

I took photos and tried to get an inspector to shut down the project, but was told that the city could do nothing about it-- until three years later when I filed a complaint due to health problems I felt were related to the now compromised ventilation in the building.

After compromising the quality of life for his tenants, and compromising their health, my landlord was only given a small fine.

How does this happen? I would move, but it's so hard to find a reasonably priced apartment in the city. My landlord is clearly trying to smoke out long term tenants so that he can raise the rent, (long term tenants who have paid rent on time and have improved their apartments over the time they have lived in the building) and he will probably succeed, thanks to the complicity of the San Francisco Building Permit office and the Department of Health.

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