Is the cost of living in San Francisco too high?


Even in the midst of the Great Recession, housing prices are still out of reach for almost all but the wealthiest San Franciscans.

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The relative strength of housing prices, along with ongoing reform at the Assessor’s Office, have made San Francisco one of the few counties in the state not to see a dramatic drop in property taxes. But the strength of the housing market is a two-edged sword – it means San Francisco remains one of the least affordable housing markets in the nation. Our task is to build not just more housing, but more affordable housing, and the kind of affordable housing that will help keep families in San Francisco.

Resetting San Francisco means an honest conversation about how we can build more housing, build the right kind of housing, build the right mix of housing, build upon our recent success in protecting tenants and do this all while preserving our quality of life.

Tough challenges. Who has the best ideas?



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