Searching For a Place to Plug In, New Yorkers Find Urban Community and Infrastructural Need

By: Hayley Solarz

Why is it that in the Tech Age, we have so few places to plug in our portable devices?New Yorkers never cease to inspire us. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, their resilience and sense of community have been tested by emergencies both expected and unforeseen in ecological disasters.

New York after Sandy has brought to the fore a basic infrastructural need. It’s a surprising, yet quintessentially “Millennial” problem. It’s the need to plug in. When hundreds of thousands of residents lost power in their homes, people clung to their smart phones and iPads. These devices served as conduits of communication with loved ones and gateways to the outside world. And all over the city, people were scrambling for power outlets, desperate to revive their dying gadgets. Read More

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