The Age-Young Question: Find a Job or Go to Grad School?

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My friends and I have been talking about this for some time now, arguing for both sides depending on the day, how we are feeling about school and debt, and what others are saying about the job market.

Would love to hear what the Reset Community thinks! Any advice?

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Boomerangers coming back home to live with their folks

Age old question.  In this tough economy, I can see why people are going to grad school.  But most grad schools are looking for work experience and may not even take you without some.  Hopefully you can find a job or internship in an area you want to pursue or study.  Internship may not pay in the short run, but will pay off in the long run. Here's an interesting article about kids moving back in with their parents while they are getting on their own feet after college -

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You rarely get the freedom and lack of responsibility that you have when you graduate college. Work six restaurant jobs, save your sheckels and see the world. It's can be cheaper and easier than you think. It will broaden your experience and mind and make you a more informed gobal citizen. 

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