It's larger than just San Francisco

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As I see it we have to get the co-operation of the federal government, the venture capital firms, and employers all on the same page. I hear a lot of fanfare about all the "tech startups" in the SOMA area and how they are viewed as the new economic salvation to the City of San Francisco. Actually nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of those firms are recpient of venture capital money through firms like Kleiner, Menlo Ventures, and others who have stipulation that the firm must reduce labor costs through 1) Offshoring jobs to cheaper overseas markets or 2) importing guest workers for the sake of cheaper labor. I have been very active in the debate surrounding H-1B, L-1, and similar *skilled guest worker* legislation and I can tell you, for undisputed fact, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Zoe Lofgren, Anna Eschoo, and practically every member of Congress from the State of California could not give a damn. They are busy soliciting campaign contributions from the very companies who have a vested interest in laxer immigration laws. I am very leary of any kind of "reforms" as such is really just window dressing failing to hit the root of the problem: Jobs leaving this nation or Americans (and San Franciscans) being displaced and replaced by cheaper guest workers. So, as I see it, there's a component of getting the venture firms to make a decision as to do they want to create jobs for Americans keeping the capital in America or do they want to send the money overseas where it does not benefit the local, state, or federal government ? Who do people like Dianne Feinstein et al represent ? India or San Francisco ?

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