Local Hiring vs Union Jobs

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There has been a lot of conversation about local hiring practices in San Francisco on large City contracts. The conversation has been framed around locally untrained neighborhood residents versus the men and women from our unions who have been out of work and waiting for employment in hiring halls or on hiring lists.

The answer could be on large City contracts we need to create a set aside or community benefits package that includes permanent jobs for local residents and then working with our unions to expand the number of jobs on a job site for both union members and local residents.

One of the the major downsides of our our high cost of housing has been evinced through this debate: if more of our union members lived in San Francisco our local hiring goals could be met, so why not focus our energy on creating more workforce housing and not just housing for the extremely wealthy and extremely poor.

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A tale of two cities

That is what has become of S.F. unfortunate but true.  Workforce housing would drive changes to the city and make effective changes in many ways.  I can see families moving in and schools improving.  

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