Local Hiring vs. Union Workers

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The City has been debating for the past few years about ways to improve local hiring on construction projects. Today, Supervisor Avalos will introduce legislation that will pit the community against building trades unions because he does not understand the issue.

Instead of working with the local school district to mandate that they offer more shop classes as part of the strings the City could attach for the millions it gives to the Unified School district this year, he instead is simply proposing to increase the percentage of local folks that need to be hired to close to 50%. Sounds good, but many of local residents are not trained for this work, and have trained union members waiting for jobs in hiring halls for employment.

We need to work constructively with all sides so that real jobs will be created and then more opportunities will be opened to local folks, that have received the necessary training, not put forward divisive proposal that won't get us anywhere.

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Jobs for San Franciscans

We need to work to make sure we are making every effort to employ unemployed San Franciscans.  Overall, we have a 10% unemployment, but some communities and neighborhoods have 30% unemployment.

We do need more vocational classes in high school and community colleges which offer paths into good careers in construction and clean technology.   These classes also need to be geared to our immigrant communities looking to learn basic English which they could use in the workplace.

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Encourage Green Architecture Firms with Local Perspectives!

I also think that we can advocate the hiring of local workers by doing things that would encourage local architecture firms, especially ones that work toward "Greening" structures, to do more business in the area and, of course, hire local employees. This could be done through incentives from the government or even just legislation that makes it easier for for those architecture firms to then hire contractors/contracting firms who then hire those local workers. Essentially, it could be a trickle down effect of ease in business and incentives in working toward a greener, more employed San Francisco!

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