"Made in SF"

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This may be the new motto for all new construction projects in the city.  A new ordinance was just passed requiring construction projects in San Francisco to hire at least 25% of their workers locally.  That number will increase to 50% come 2016.  The mayor and other hi-profile politicians came to celebrate this law at a victory party on Wednesday hosted by the Laborers International Union Local 261.  However, many oppose the new law.  San Mateo Assemblyman Jerry Hill are concerned that this could take away jobs from his constituents in the Peninsula.  

Is this a realistic solution in 2011, when the economy is so interconnected?  And how do you remedy the problem that many who live in San Mateo, San Bruno, and Millbrae commute to jobs in the city?  Thoughts?

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How local is local?



You bring up such a important point- in our increasingly globalized world, is it still realistic to draw boundaries around the movement of labor? 

I think that with the passing of this new law we can only hope that the remaining 50% of laborers that do not come from San Francisco, are sought out in the communities surrounding our city by the bay.


Thank you for bringing this up!

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