Make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business in SF

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San Francisco is full of innovation and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. But the bureaucratic process one has to go through to start a business in the city disincentivizes the creation of new businesses and the costs one incurs simply aren't feasible for a start-up with no revenue. 

Let's streamline the process and make it less expensive for small businesses to get off the ground so they can create the jobs we really need.  

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One Stop Shop!

You're right.  We need to make it easy for a business to get off the ground.  The paperwork should be simple and online.  An Office of Small Business was established to do just this -

Unfortunately, it is small and gets a lot of requests, but they should be your first stop if you start a business in SF.  They will help direct you to the right places and let you know what you need to do to start or keep your business going.

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Mid-Market Tie In

I agree that we need to help new businesses get started, and the Office of Small Businesses is excellent.

But in the same way we can offer tax incentives to big businesses like Twitter if they move into a blighted area such as Mid-Market, I think we should consider offering the same or similar incentives to small bussinesses who want to start a business in a blighted neighborhood - not just Mid-Market but any area designated as an area needing revitalization.  A three year tax break of some sort would help struggling newbies get their business off the ground and could make the difference between success or failure.

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