Is San Francisco's "Hire Local" Policy a Good Idea?

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A "hire local" policy that requires 50% of all jobs on city-funded construction projects to go to San Francisco residents has been in effect for a month. Contractors that fail to meet the minimum requirements would be fined. Those that exceed them would receive financial bonuses.

The goal is to keep San Francisco taxpayer funds within the local economy, and make it easier for unemployed San Francisco residents to secure construction work.

Some unions consider appointment of workers to jobs based on city of residence to be discriminatory and impractical. Such law is also perceived to come at a huge cost for San Francisco taxpayers - estimated to be $9.3 million per year, along with a negative impact on the regional economy.
Many union members are already changing their addresses on paper, pretending to be San Franciscans, just to comply with the law.

What do you think?

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