Treasure Island Development

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This can possibly help San Francisco's economy in terms of housing and jobs, but do you think over a billion in spending will make a difference in the big picture? What are your thoughts on this plan for the city?

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Focusing on JOBs!

I know that there is a federal youth vocational training program on Treasure Island (Job Corps). Perhaps the city could fund its own Conservation Corps on Treasure Island to do Public Works and Public Safety projects in San Francisco. The focus of this employment should be low income households who may already be receiving government subsidies. This would help to get more money circulating and hopefully spur economic development in other areas as well.

It is important to get all sectors of the city and county working together with a focus on the highest priority needs of San Francisco. I happen to feel that economic development/job development is the first priority. I would recommend the formation of a business council of interested and active business leaders to work with the community, colleges/universities and government to formulate policies including goals, targets and a strategic plan to make San Francisco the nation's leader in producing jobs in the viable and forward leaning industry areas (ie., clean tech, green tech, renewable energy, health services, etc.).

The redevelopment of Treasure Island could play a very significant role in focusing the overall efforts to "Reset San Francisco". It is an ideal location to take advantage of utilizing the existing space and facilities, by adapting them and giving them a new  purpose to address new and future needs of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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