What sector should receive focused job creation?


While San Francisco’s economy is still much stronger than almost every other California city, it is scant consolation to the tens of thousands of San Franciscans out of work. Over the last year, unemployment is up more than 3% to a painful total of 9.2% of our workforce.

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Ultimately every action we must take to Reset San Francisco comes back to how we can grow our economy while preserving our quality of life. We need to create high wage jobs. We need to focus on the industries of the future and the educational excellence that these industries require. We need to understand and build upon our strength as a gateway city to the booming Asian economy. And we need to make sure that as we create new jobs – those jobs and the job-training necessary to hold them are available to San Franciscans first.

Decisions about economic policy can be highly contentious in San Francisco – particularly policy around land use. Can we reset the debate so we can focus on what we need to do to put San Franciscans back to work in family sustaining jobs?

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