MTA meetings are arranged so only unemployed can attend easily

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MTA meetings and hearings occur during business hours on weekdays, and have unpredictable schedules, which means that working people have to take vacation days to attend. Of course, people with jobs in transit (i.e. special interests) and seniors can attend without the vacation days. This over-represents their interests, at the expense of people with day jobs.

The MTA could fix this by moving their public meetings to evenings and weekends, but the Board itself may not like that option since they have other things to do then.

An alternative might be to allow people to designate proxies whose comments would be treated as coming from a group of people instead of just an individual. Then only one person in a group would need to take vacation. Allowing this could also speed up the meetings, since they wouldn't need to make everyone talk just to be counted.

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great idea

Police Commission meetings are at night.  Planning Commission meetings spend a lot of their hours in the evenings.  It only makes sense for MTA meetings to occur when the public can attend; otherwise, you get the same five to ten people who are paid to be there talking. 

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