94107 Potrero Hill

Neighborhood Name: 
Potrero Hill
Potrero Hill, San Francisco, CA 94107
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The view of San Francisco’s skyline atop Potrero Hill continues to impress visitors and long-term residents on a daily basis. The neighborhood dates back to the mid 19th century, when Gold Rush squatters and waves of immigrants began to settle and urbanize Potrero Hill.

Today, the neighborhood is largely residential with quaint shopping areas along 18th Street, between Connecticut and Texas streets, eateries such as Universal Café and community cafes like Farley’s. Establishments like the Anchor Steam Brewery on De Haro Street and the music venue called Bottom of the Hill bring character and life to this up-and-coming neighborhood. In the flats to the east of Potrero Hill is Dogpatch – an historical area that survived the 1906 earthquake fire and holds the largest industrial complex from San Francisco’s 19th century shipping glory days.

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