94117 Haight Ashbury & Cole Valley

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Haight Ashbury & Cole Valley
Haight Ashbury & Cole Valley, San Francisco, CA 94117
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Haight Ashbury, also commonly known as simply “The Haight,” is one of San Francisco’s best-known neighborhoods. Synonymous with 1960s counter-culture, flower power and the Summer of Love, the area surrounds Haight Street and is bordered on the west by Golden Gate Park and the Cole Valley neighborhood to the south.

The influx of college and high school students into the Haight Ashbury during the spring of 1967 set the stage for the Summer of the Love and served to define the area as the center of the hippie movement. While much of what made the Haight famous back then is no longer there, the history as well as the many shops and restaurants that remain make Haight Ashbury one of the primary tourist targets in San Francisco. 

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