Breakout Session Follow-up Report

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This is a follow-up report on the “Neighborhoods” breakout session from the SFReset meeting held September 25.

Ours was a very small group but we discussed a wide range of subjects ranging from the need to convert the city to underground utilities to the need to have sit/lie laws to graffiti cleanup.  However, each topic we discussed came back to a single theme:  How can we make our wishes known and how can we find out what we can actively do to help improve our neighborhoods?

One thing we learned was that even within our very small breakout group there was a wide range of awareness of existing resources.  A couple of us knew about existing public meetings while some were surprised to learn about meetings right in their own neighborhoods.

We identified a single take-away from our session:

          “Empower neighborhoods to improve their Quality of Life through existing public forums.”

We believe that by using existing neighborhood forums (meetings) we can improve communication, express concerns, and advocate for change without adding new costs to city processes.

To implement this takeaway, we urge San Francisco Reset to assist in developing a list of applicable community forums and publish them on the SFReset web site.  Furthermore, we suggest that the SFReset website modify each section to include a third resource button.  In addition to “Worth a Read” and “Smarter Ideas” we recommend that there be a button labeled “Community Calendars” with a logo/photo of a calendar. 

Any existing calendar links shown under “Worth a Read” should be moved to “Community Calendar.”  Additionally, members of SFReset who identify online calendar links that are appropriate should email the links to for inclusion.   Links that are appropriate to multiple topics should be included on calendar links for each topic.

Here are two links that could be added to several topic headings:

Police Department Community Forum Calendar:

San Francisco Planning and Urban Research (SPUR):

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worthwhile resources

Thank you, gcotter!

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