Build a new North Beach library!

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we can do better for our kids

Now that I'm a mom, my neighborhood library is more important to me than ever.  But mine is crumbling.  The facility is old, unattractive, and not user friendly.  Baby Rhyme time had to move out of the building because the space was not ADA accessible.  I'll pick up the books I order, but never hang out there.  If the space were modern and welcoming for families, I'd spend a lot more time there, and so would other neighbors.  We'd have a true neighborhood resource and build a stronger community.  It's time to do right by our kids and our neighbors and build the new North Beach library.

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Don't know if there is an update - but this is pretty good background. Having spent a fair amount of time in that branch, have to say I agree with the conclusion - that there should be a way to update while preserving the historic structure.

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Sunset Library

We just finished renovation of our Sunset Library and it looks exactly the same from outside.  When you walk by there is no difference.  Isn't there a way to do the same thing in North Beach.  Keep the exterior the same and update the inside.  A number of historic buildings have done the same thing.  The Ferry Building comes to mind as one of the best examples.

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