Civic Center Cleanup

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I can't speak for anyone else, but as a resident in civic center I am really tired of the mess in that neighborhood.  I am continuously walking by human feces in the neighborhood, every day.  It seems as if that neighborhood is completely neglected.  Has anyone experienced this?  What is being done in this city to help?

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Totally agree...

I just moved to this city 3 months ago and am amazed by the mess that is the Civic Center area.  It seems so strange to me that a city that is so beautiful can have such a nasty neighborhood right in the middle of it and so close to City Hall.  I feel like everyone I talk to feels the same way.  Seems like cleaning up an area that is such a central point in the city should be a priority going forward.    

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Civic Center BID

Totally hear you!  Since my wife and I work in Civic Center and my daughter goes to daycare in Civic Center, we are acutely aware of the challenges.  Recently, some businesses and organizations are trying to put together a Business Improvement District, where businesses would charge themselves a tax to help pay for more city services such as street cleaning, public safety and road repairs to name a few.  Ironically the largest "businesses" or "occupants" of Civic Center are the City and County of SF and the State of CA.  They may have to tax themselves to pay for additional services in the area - ironic, dont you think?


Do you think this is a good idea?

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Civic Center BID

Phil, I think a BID would be a great idea.  Anything to get people organized working and thinking together about how the area can be improved sounds like progress.  My only concern would be that the tax could be a disincentive in attracting new businesses to the area and keeping existing ones there.  And yes, I love the irony of the City, County and State having to kick in but aren't they all beyond broke?  I like the idea a lot but would be curious about how you'd address those issues.  And as someone that is new to this cite I think it is awesome that I am now having a direct dialogue with a leading candidate for Mayor!  

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Nothing will ever change in San Francisco



One of my favorite local blogs is


The blogger lives right there in the thick of it on 6th St and has a webcam that documents all the crackhead theater outside his window. He makes a good point that nothing will ever change in San Francisco so long as we have this containment policy of housing feral crazy people in the Tenderloin Housing Clinic that we all support in the form of welfare, Social Security disability benefits, Care not Cash, ect, ect.


That may not be the most political correct thing to say, especially amongst the various local homeless advocacy groups who profit off of the homeless population in SF, but sometimes the truth hurts.

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