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I live on Natoma ST., in the SOMA district.  Our area has had major improvements made and is quickly becoming an area where people can buy instead of rent.  The problem is this:  our street is zoned for commercial as well as residential.  It also requires residents to purchase parking permits for street parking.  However  due to the businesses in our area street parking has become limited.  Natoma St. is also a oneway street with parking only allowed on one side of the street.  There are some residents, myself included who have disabilities, and when there is NO street parking need to unload groceries, etc. from cars parked on the sidewalk (which by the way is NOT ALLOWED).

Most of us take no longer than 3 minutes at the most to do this and then move our cars. I always leave my hazard lights on and enough room for pedestrians to continue to walk on the sidewalk instead of in the street.

I have been ticketed more than once for this, with the DPT employee not giving anyone a break at all.  Even when they see you are disabled, or even if the car is still running (which obviously indicates that you are NOT planning on parking there for very long.  I have fought these tickets and still been made to pay.

I see this as a set up.  Its a way for the city to make money leaving residents no alternative than to HOPE they don't run into a close minded DPT employee in the few minutes it may take to get your items out of the car.

I want to know what the city of SF expects those of us with physical problems to do about this situation.  Where are we to park, in the street?  That is about the only place left.  In fact I am going to start doing just that, blocking all the one way traffic that goes down Natoma St., and by the way there is a LOT of cars that use that street.  Since SF doesn't offer any handicap parking on this street, where else is one to park?  One DPT employee told me to park in front of a fire hydrant, real brilliant right?  My response was "why so you can write an ever bigger ticket"?

So SF what about that?

Understand your issue

I think this is a huge issue in SOMA, and will become an even bigger issue as more tech companies and other organizations are incentivized to move into the area because of the "cheap"-er rents and because its close to downtown. I have no problem with that area of SF becoming a tech hub, and I think it could be a great economic force in the city, but I have friends who, like yourself, have been ticketed multiple times for being residents in areas with scarce non-business parking. I wonder if as part of the advent of these companies moving in if they can provide discounted/free rates for nearby residents to use their parking garages, which I think would be a nice token for them to give to the community, if any case studies could prove its feasibility.

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