Illegal Dumping

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We need to do something about illegal dumping.  Illegal dumping is a BIG BIG issues in my neighborhood (Excelsior) and I think we need a campaign to educate people about illegal dumping -- we must change the culture so that people don't feel it is OK to dump crap all over our neighborhoods. 

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Are people required to have garbage service?

Once upon a time back in the early 80's I lived in a 2 unit building in Cole Valley.  I had the upstairs and a friend had the downstairs.  We each lived alone and generated almost no garbage.  So, we shared one garbage can and only paid one bill for one service.  The service was in name of the downstairs unit although we split the cost.  However, during our first few years there I remember that I received notices that I was in violation of some legislation that required every residence to have garbage service.  Each time I had to call someone -- can't recall whether it was Sunset Scavenger or a city dept, and explain that between our two units we had adequate service.  (I now have a SFR and have weekly service but only put out the trash once or twice a month and even then there just isn't that much).  Actually, this is a good rule or law or whatever because dumped garbage draws vermin.

I KNOW there are people who do not have service.  I've seen people carry their garbage to the nearest corner trash can or to a nearby commercial dumpster.  I opine that much of this trash dumping is from people who don't have service.  This is probably because garbage collection service is quite expensive for anyone with a low income.  

Would it be possible to have "mini-service" rates for people who generate almost no garbage?  With "mini" totes?  Actually I already have a 20 gal instead of 30 gal black bin and I could easily get by with a 10 gal black bin.  In any case, maybe something like the "Lifeline" service that phone companies and utilities have for low income families.

So, Do we have any laws or requirements that every residence have garbage service?  If so, is it enforced?  And, is there a way for low income people to have either a "mini" service or a "lifeline" service?

You can always call 311 and report it.  If it is large bags of refuse or furniture or whatever they'll have DPW come over and pick it up.

Or, of course, you can always try your district supervisor.

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The anonymous poster hit the

The anonymous poster hit the nail on the head.  Illegal dumping is a big problem in my neighborhood.  I'd like to see some work go into minimizing this problem.  I'd like to see more community trash days where folks can bring in big items for disposal. 

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The illegal dumping has

The illegal dumping has gotten even worse!  People are leaving garbage and boats in the bay:

If there are random barges and sailboats floating around in the bay, what can we hope to have done with trash and furniture?

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We have bags of trash left

We have bags of trash left regularly on trash night by people who either can't afford trash service, or just don't want to pay for it.

If your going to leave bags of trash on the street, then at least put it into cans that hardly have any trash in them, NOT just on the street for all the tweekers to ravage through.

Its bad enough that some of the local street people dump trash cans and leave a huge mess for either the neighbors or 311 to pick up.  Another thing to bring up is this; I've seen employees who drive the 311 trucks randomly pick up the big stuff (if they feel like it) and/or leave a lot of trash lying on the street/sidewalk.  So what's up with that?

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Well all I have to say about

Well all I have to say about that is "good luck".  Change the culture?  which one/s?

I watch my neighbors and their children eat candy, drink sodas etc. and throw their garbage right onto the street!  Do they do this in their own home?  I guess so.

So if you think your going to change any of these people my hat's off to you.  I don't dare say a word to the people I see doing it because I might get shot or called a "white b---h" , which has happened in the past. So if anyone has any suggestions I'd sure like to know what they are.

I just pick up trash when I see it and hope that maybe that will set some kind of example for those young enough to still make an impression upon.

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