Mid-Market Revitalization

I'm all for giving a break to companies looking to locate in the Mid-Market area. It's such a great connector between the Civic Center and downtown - we need to keep pushing to revitalize this area. I'm looking forward to Mayor Lee's plan today.


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Agreed, but...

A concerted effort to bring back Mid-Market is something upon which we should all be focused. But the plan to give Twitter payroll tax breaks leaves me feeling a bit uneasy as well as, perhaps, setting a bad precedent. At a time when the City is really desperate for revenue, should we be letting companies hold us hostage to a certain extent? I mean, does the choice really come down to giving in or losing them altogether? It seems so, at least in this instance. Read an interesting editorial from the Bay Guardian earlier (http://www.sfbg.com/bruce/2011/02/01/editorial-no-tax-breaks-twitter) that made some good points about how unnecessary the tax breaks for Twitter might be. It's a tough issue - thinking between losing revenue for a deficit riddled city or improving a badly neglected part of our community. 

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Let's not forget about the long term..

It is definitely a tough position to be in, and while there is not a clear solution, I am all in favor of investing in the long-term sustainability and growth of our city economy. To me, this is the most important focus we can have to ensure San Francisco stays ahead of the curve. 

If this means we need to spend more now to guarantee a promising tomorrow, I think it's a sacrifice we should absolutely make.

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Mid-Market needs all the help it can get

As Executive Director of the Asian Law Caucus, I worked for three years on Market between 5th and 6th St sandwiched between Social Security and the UCSF methodone clinic.  Having worked there, I am initimately familiar of all the challenges the redevelopment zone faces.  The zone needs cleaner sidewalks, more public safety, more small business and more people living near by.  Needless to say, if we are going to reviatalize the area, we are going to need a significant city investment and some serious coordination.  In real estate, you need an anchor and Twitter may just be one of the anchors for the neighborhood.  We also have the new Federal Building and the new Trinity Plaza and SOMA Grand which may also anchor the neighborhood.

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