Neighborhood council?

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Maybe it already exists, but wouldn't it make sense to create some sort of neighborhood council with representatives from each of San Francisco's distinctive communities? Not elected politicians like the Board of Supervisors but regular community members. Sometimes San Francisco neighborhoods have a "keep to themselves" mentality. Bringing the communities together could foster real growth throughout the city.

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Take Initiative

I agree, since some neighborhood councils have already taken initiative, such as in the Haight-Ashbury ( However, we need to standardize these neighborhood councils as well. 

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A real coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods

I have long proposed that all neighborhoods have councils that are officially recognized by the City. In discussions on disaster preparedness and resiliency it gets support. In discussions on planning and development it gets slammed. The issues are that if there are recognized councils voices will be shut out. Often neighborhood groups become more like political clubs with agendas rather than clearing houses for issues.

There are also groups that start up over an issue and then disappear after the issue is dealt with. Anyone can start an organization and I've experienced the reality of that necessity when I called to voice an opinion and was asked "who I represented". Hello another neighborhood organization is born.

I've discussed recognition of the existing groups and met with a really good example from Middle Polk. They were having a problem a few years ago with prostitutes and asked the neighbors who had organizations to help and were told that they weren't in the defined areas. They started a new organization and have been very successful .

There is a group of neighborhood groups the "Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods" (CSFN). This group wields considerable power as one would expect but it doesn't actually represent a true coalition in that not all neighborhood organizations are members and some the coalition will have nothing to do with and some that won't have anything to do with the Coalition.

As they say if you ask three San Franciscans their opinion on a subject you will get four well considered opinions.

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We already have so many

We already have so many different groups, clubs, coalitions, etc in the City how could these be any different?  It is definitely an intreging idea.  I can only imagine there would be a lot of resistance to such an effort.

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