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A few weeks ago, I was introduced to my first parklet on Divisadero St in front of a cool cafe.  As I was grabbing a biali in one of my favorite neighborhood bakeries, Arizmendi, I noticed a petition to support the first parklet in the Inner Sunset.  I immediately signed it.  A parkley takes away two to three parking spaces and adds seating for eight to twelve more people.  Read this cool blog about Arizmendi and get an idea of how this would improve the street and neighborhood.

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A bad idea

Unfortunately, myself and my struggling-immigrant neighbors and businesses are having this appropriation of parking spaces for the use of Arizmendi's tables and chairs forced on us.

We were either not told about this or objected strongly.

However, these Newsomian droids continue to shove this absurd project down our throats. The Animal Hospital is also very opposed.

Parklets are a form of neoliberal privatization!

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I like parklets

I love the concept of parklets - except when I'm in my car and can't find a parking space.

And, truth be told, who really wants to sit in a "park" that is literally inches from auto and bus exhaust fumes?  

Is there any way we could do more to encourage (allow) more seating for patrons in front of businesses?   A sidewalk only needs to be wide enough to accomodate a wheelchair. Any additional width should be available forrestaurant/coffee shop/deli/etc chairs and tables.

I have also seen narrow alleyways converted to car-free seating areas which is also cool - thinl Belden or Claude downtown.

But, all other things being equal, I'd support parklets as long as they are maintained and maintained in an attractive manner.

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Not sure about this

I connceptually agree with parklets with the exeption that they take away much needed parking spots.  How about turning unused yellow zones into parklets?

I live in Russian Hill and on the corner of Vallejo & Polk, there are 6 yellow spots on 4 corners--they mostly go unused as the trucks just double park anyways.

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