Restoring Urban Farming in San Francisco

Maria Balilo's picture


San Francisco urban farmers can now grow food in peace. Last week the Urban Agriculture Ordinance was passed, which officially revised San Francisco's zoning code and allowed the planting of vegetable gardens in all areas of San Francisco without a conditional use permit, and legalized the production and sale of  produce from these gardens. 


The law, hailed as "one of the most progressive urban agriculture policies in the nation," is believed to lead to awesome long-term effects for the community - especially food security, environmental sustainability and community collaboration. Establishing agriculture's place in the city will encourage urban agricultural enterprises that can stimulate jobs and improve communities. An example - the Alemany Farm, which used to be an illegal dumping site, has been transformed into an urban farming model that currently puts at-risk low-income youth to work. 


San Francisco proves once again that it's about smart, multifaceted and creative solutions. 

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