SF Chinatown

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How would you propose improving the quality of life in your neighborhood?

I live in Nob Hill but I spend most of my time in Chinatown and I've noticed that the people living there usually live in tiny apartments, even fitting families in SROs.  During busy hours, the crowdedness of the area is very apparent just by looking at the human traffic caused by people out buying groceries.  I think this has to be changed, though I don't know how.  People may be staying in Chinatown and not moving out even in such crowded conditions because housing in other parts of the city is too expensive, or because they are not comfortable living elsewhere because of their inability to speak English.  Maybe the city can do more to help immigrants expand their living options outside of communities that are too small to fit the people who want to live there.

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I absolutely agree that the

I absolutely agree that the new subway project will not only alleviate density issues in Chinatown, but will also provide a much-needed pipeline of faster and more reliable transportation from Chinatown to SoMa and places beyond - I currently live in Russian Hill, and my primary commute is through Chinatown.  My commute can be pretty scary in the morning, and while I'm used to crowded buses, I'm always worried about the safety issues of overcrowded transportation, especially for anyone that's older that isn't able to find an open seat.

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