Stop the privatization of the Arboretum!

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Can anyone help me stop this?  Please call (415) 665-4829!



[Park Code - Botanical Garden Non-Resident Fees] Sponsor: Mayor Ordinance amending the San Francisco Park Code, Article 12, by amending Section 12.46 to: extend admission fees to the Botanical Garden for non-San Francisco residents beyond June 30, 2011; eliminate the provision cancelling this admission fee if the Recreation and Park Department receives revenue from a new tax that can be used for Botanical Garden operating and maintenance costs, and make environmental findings. ASSIGNED UNDER 30 DAY RULE to Budget and Finance Committee.
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They have no choice

Everything costs money and their budget has been slashed to the bone.  They can just about afford the water.  so they came up with what I thought a really reasonable way to generate money.  Charge non residents and the supervisors are trying to zap that.  So where do they turn.  To me as a resident of a sophisticated urban community we need this beautiful garden.  If all it takes to keep it is to charge non residents what is the problem    I do not understand how they could be boxed into a corner like this .  Tsk Tsk 

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Yes, charge a fee

Hey, there's only so much money to go around, so get over it.  Charge a fee.  Not just to non-residents but to everyone.  I'd rather see everyone pay a dollar or two for admission than the hassle of forcing people to show ID to prove they live here.  Charge everyone but allow small children or seniors to enter free or at a reduced rate.  Maybe have one day a week when everyone can get in free or a policy where admission is free if you enter during certain hours such as the first hour it's opened.

I have no problem with asking ALL people to pay a SMALL admission fee.  When we are unable to feed and educate children because there isn't any money, then asking some public services to be slightly self-supporting is certainly reasonable.

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