Warriors to San Francisco?

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I am wondering how people feel about moving the Golden State Warriors from Oakland to San Francisco. Here's a (somewhat old) article about the financial results of such a move.


Although it seems like a move to San Francisco would benefit the city, especially the neighbordhood the arena would be built in, tremendously in financial terms, as a Warriors fan, I am not sure this would be the best move. I haven't been to many Warriors games personally, but the times I have been, the arena is always rocking. I don't think we should be messing with such the great fan base that the Warriors currently have. What does everybody else think about this?

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Interesting. I like the idea,

Interesting. I like the idea, and agree that the Warriors have one of the best fan bases in all of sports. I do have season tickets and attend whenever I can, and I know a lot of season ticket holders are from San Francisco. I think the fan base would follow the Warriors across the Bay... at this point, I just don't want to see all my teams end up in the South Bay!

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great for SF...

It would be great for San Francisco and great for the Dubs as well!

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I like the idea!

I personally LOVE the warriors, and I know a lot of people would still follow them (this is the cause of the 2007 NBA playoffs). The Warriors would generate a ton of money for the city since they are the 5th highest grossing NBA team. However would this bring horrendous traffic? Or could it create an influx of crime since people would be flowing in from all parts of the bay?

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Lets do it

Our failed mayor has all but lost the 49ers, lets bring the Warriors to SF. extend BART to the stadium and the people will come!

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I'd wholeheartedly welcome

I'd wholeheartedly welcome the Warries back to SF. 

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