Officially Not Hot - But Oh So Cool

Okay – we’ll own it.

The SF Weekly officially declared us today "Not Hot." But you know what, we think we're pretty cool. That’s why we’re launching our official Reset Cocktail Contest – with the winner to be unveiled at our upcoming (and oh so cool) 111 FOR 2011 Event at 111 Minna. Only two ground rules: (1) has to have ice and (2) no, we will not add "Ice Ice Baby" to the Reset Playlist.

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The key ingredient is fresh mint. They're delicious!

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Sailor Jerry rum + Coke = crazy delicious!

It literally tastes like vanilla coke. But originating from the tradition of rum-running swashbucklers, it puts some hair on your chest. It's the REAL San Francisco treat

Honorable Mention: Jungle Juice

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San Franciscans love kombucha, coconut water and acai/pom juice

So.. I have created a cocktail that combines the best of all worlds.

1 part vodka, 1 part Kombucha original flavor, 1 part coconut water 1 dash acai or pomegranate juice.

Shake together.  Garnish with lime.

I call it the Frisky Coco.  I have never tried it.

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Li Hing Mui Margarita - Cause Hawaii is Hot AND Cool

Home sweet margarita. When I start missing the beautiful, sunny, sandy beaches (tear) back home, I drown my sorrows with one of these. If you've never had one, fix that life problem here.

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The Manhattan...Please Forgive Me San Francisco!

Call me old fashioned, but I do love a good Manhattan. If it's made right, it is the perfect mix of bitter and sweet and warms you up right away. It's a great drink to sip on and if you like to nurse your drinks like me, it still has a good alcohol content to maintain a minor buzz.


And my favorite non-alcohol cocktail (for you Walter), is called a Yaquis. It is orange juice with a dallop of cranberry juice, which creates the colors of a sunset and the taste of heaven. This drink is oh so delicious!

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