California Common Sense Launches Interactive Data Tool for San Francisco

California Common Sense History of San Francisco FinancesCalifornia Common Sense (CACS) is a Stanford-based nonprofit focused on government transparency through opening government financial data to the public – serious Gov 2.0 stuff.

While CACS is focused on educating the public about the state’s expenditures and revenues, they’ve just created a San Francisco-specific interactive data transparency portal. We think it is pretty cool and encourage you to check it out here.

The CACS tool offers a high-tech visualization of the last 10 years of San Francisco’s historical debt, deficits, surpluses, revenues and expenditures. Not only does it show you the changes in these amounts overtime, but it breaks down what contributed to those totals, such as public works, public protection, and general government administration.

Stay tuned because CACS plans to launch more in-depth San Francisco data analysis soon. They plan to include line item expenditures from each city department, debt statistics and the number of employees in each department.

In the meantime, geek out with us over this interactive data tool that our friends at California Common Sense have created. 


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really interesting data and graphs

Data is great but only useful if its presented in a way which is understandable.  CA Common Sense helps break down the information so any of us can understand it.  I love the SF Budget charts and some of the breakdowns!  Check out the info on the CA state budget.  Very cool - not just for policy makers but also for citizens!

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