J-Mack Ferry Service Suspended, Emergency Repairs Under Way

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J-Mack Ferry service has been suspended to make way for emergency repairs to an underground cable that guides the ferry between Ryer Island in Solano County and Grand Island in Sacramento County, Caltrans officials said this morning.

The cable snapped during a recent strong current that included storm debris, Caltrans spokesman Vince Jacala said. The ferry, also known as the Steamboat Slough Ferry, closed Tuesday night.

Crews are working to fix the cable, and the ferry will be returned to service as soon as possible, Jacala said.

The ferry provides round-the-clock service, carrying people and cars across Steamboat Slough in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

During the closure, motorists are advised to use the Real McCoy II ferry along state Highway 84, Jacala said.

Service on the Real McCoy II ferry, also known as the Cache Slough Ferry, was scheduled to be suspended from 10 p.m. today until 4 a.m. Thursday for regular maintenance, Jacala said.

The Real McCoy II normally has scheduled crossings every 20 minutes starting on the hour between Ryer Island and the city of Rio Vista.

The latest information on the closures is available at (510) 622-0120.


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