Joint Vigil Being Held Saturday By Families Of Five Men Who Went Missing In SF

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Five families whose young adult sons have gone missing in San Francisco over the past few years are holding a joint vigil in the city's Golden Gate Park this weekend to call attention to the cases.

The families of Sean Sidi, 19, Crishtian Hughes, 20, Shawn Dickerson, 24, Cameron Remmer, 31, and Jackson Miller, 23, are all gathering at the park's Music Concourse for the vigil at 2 p.m. Saturday.

Lynn Ching, the mother of Sidi, said the vigil is meant to raise awareness about the five cases and highlight the struggles the families face in getting assistance from law enforcement.

Ching said cases involving missing men often get less attention -- from both police and the public -- than cases involving missing women.

"Most of them, people don't know they're missing," she said.

Ching said another problem many families face is that if the missing person lived outside San Francisco, their case will be sent to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over that residence, even if it's thousands of miles away.

"It leaves the families in a bind," she said.

Ching's son Sidi went missing this past May, while Hughes went missing in February, Dickerson went missing in December 2011, Remmer went missing in October 2011 and Miller went missing in May 2010.

San Francisco police were not immediately available to comment on the status of the five cases.


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