It's Time to Prioritize

The future of San Francisco is at a crossroads while Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies and enterprise zones threatens city plans and projects. Just recently, City Hall approved a multi-million dollar redevelopment project at Hunter’s Point - which promised to create hundreds of new jobs, affordable housing and improved infrastructure for the neighborhood. It seems like once again we’re back at the drawing board, waiting for the green light.


Governor Brown asserts that “redevelopment takes money away from schools, cities and counties.”  While we do not know yet whether this proposal will affect local projects, I simply do not understand how redevelopment projects are seen as a less-worthy recipient of state funds.  Now don’t get me wrong, a consistent and high quality state education system would drastically reduce my concern over California’s future – but pouring more money into the system (and taking it away from other areas like redevelopment) is a lazy solution and waste of precious resources.


It seems to be a question of the chicken and the egg. Do we spend more on education to establish our future, or put money into creating jobs and affordable housing for the here and now? I don’t claim to be an economic expert – but I did learn in stock market 101 a little something called diversification. Let’s try it? Let’s spread our scarce funds across all segments of our struggling economy and see what sticks.   

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