The New Political Era – Dependent Upon the Conversations of Communities

          As human beings, we are naturally flawed. Thus, products of our humanity will be inherently imperfect. Yet, what separates us as a superior being is that we never stop striving for improvement.

            There are a mired of issues in this city that are in desperate need of reform- from tax policy to the education system, housing policy to the budget deficient. But by striving to understand such comprehensive issues, by joining collaborate conversations, and by actively taking part in the participatory democracy that our country prides itself on, we are fully capable of addressing the needs of our community and improving public policy for the benefit of all San Franciscans.

            This is an incredible city, and through all of the political frustrations and civil unrest, we must never forget that. We are a collection of diverse cultures, opinions, beliefs, and talents coexisting in one 7x7 square mile plot of land; which is an impressive achievement in and of itself. We have the manpower, the intellect, and the advocacy to battle through the strenuous issues and controversial conversations necessary for improvement. Throughout the discussions that will determine the future of this great city we must combat community apathy, cultivate citywide conversations, and advocate for our needs, while listening to the concerns of our neighbors.

Get involved, collaborate, and participate. We are a city that has the power lead the country; join the conversation and collectively we can RESET San Francisco.

Paid for by Phil Ting for Assembly 2012. FPPC ID# 1343137