Searching for Pennies in all the Wrong Places

We are in a financial crisis – there is no doubt about that. But when we begin searching the pockets of our basic city workforce for spare pennies, I wonder where this is all heading.


 Last Tuesday - January 18th - the Municipal Transportation Agency stalled a proposal to begin charging parking fees for MUNI employees to park their cars while at work. The specifics included a $55 fine for workers who park at work instead of purchasing the new $80 monthly permit fee.  


Everyone should pay their fair share to help our city out of our financial mess, but why are city employees first on the chopping block? We live in a great city, one of the best in the world, and finding sources of revenue will be painful no matter where you look. I’m just calling for some equality in who shares the brunt.


The worst part of this whole deal is the tension it is creating within our city’s essential transportation system. As a San Franciscan and frequent user of public transportation – I am so proud of our city’s green priorities. Quiffs like this and digs at the employees that run our buses and trams degrades what our very transportation system stands for – that united we can reduce our carbon footprint and embrace our collective investment in cleaner air. 

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