Unconventional Solutions

America’s Cup is coming to San Francisco! Mayor Ed Lee is setting up a committee to smooth out the logistics of the race and the details are falling into place.  All this attention on our great city has got me thinking about what I would do to prepare San Francisco – to make SF a city I would be proud to show off to the world.

Our financial crisis puts our city in a bind – we all too often have the ideas to be a better, more progressive and efficient city but lack the tools and the leadership to achieve our goals. This is most recently reflected in the increased parking ticket quotas – a lazy ploy to find the proverbial coins under our city’s couch cushions. Will encouraging regressive parking tickets on San Franciscan’s lighten our budget load? Probably not. Will it create new jobs, educate our children and set us on a trajectory for success? Also unlikely.

But maybe we’re approaching this assessment from the wrong angle. Maybe we should be looking less at where our city has strayed from our ideals – and look at how we can reinforce our city’s values in a realistic way.  

And that brings us back the America’s Cup. The race is expected to generate roughly 8,000 new jobs and add $1.2 billion to the local economy according to the SF Gate. This is exactly the kind of creative revenue solutions that reminds me why I adore this city.  And, reaffirms my faith in our city leadership. Assessor Phil Ting is known for finding creative revenue solutions that fairly address our budget shortfall instead of simply displacing the problem.  I look forward to more unconventional solutions for our city in the future. We’ve got the values, now let’s see some results.

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