Obama and the State of the Union

On Tuesday night, the President gave his annual "State of the Union" address to Congress and the nation.  In it, he argued for the need to "win the future" and invest today to reap the benefits tomorrow.  He took a strong stance and placed an emphasis on education that no other president seems to have before him.  The idea that chasing fame should take a back seat to graduating high school, let alone college, is not revolutionary, but something that often politicians are afraid to state outright.  

Yet, Obama did seem to have noticeable problems with his speech.  Some of his goals were so long term that holding him or anyone accountable for them seems difficult.  This can be seen in his goals for electric cars.  In addition, the topic of gun control was noticeable absent, especially after the Tucson tragedy.  Yet perhaps that is one of those issues that will never have an end.  

I would give Obama a high grade on this speech.  This SOTU had a more broad appeal than last years.  

What are your thoughts?  How will his proposals affect San Francisco?

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