Video Interview: Care Not Cash

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Care Not Cash is Working

The Board of Supervisors recently voted to place a measure on the November ballot to amend Care Not Cash, but some say this amendment will mean the virtual end of the program. 

We've heard from elected leaders - but now it's time to hear from the homeless community about Care Not Cash.

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"There can be many things on the street that can be money not well spent," says Marvin, who has been homeless in San Francisco for the past 14 years. His sentiment is mirrored by the many other homeless people we interviewed about the proposed amendment to the Care Not Cash program.

"I have my room because of Care Not Cash... It's really working for me."

According to the individuals we interviewed, extra cash may not be the answer. "They get it, they blow it... it seemed like you were caught in a cycle, a repetitive, closed system," says Anthony, a homeless man with the voice like a radio host. Care Not Cash seeks to help transition the homeless off the street. Please sign our petition to protect Care Not Cash.

Alyssa Sittig's picture

Change for the Sake of Change...

Such a great video. Sometimes City Hall gets so caught up in reforming policies and pushing legislation through the processes that it forgets to see whether current policies are actually working. This video is a great reminder to always be skeptical of shiny new proposals for change. If our homeless San Franciscans are appreciative of the  service Care Not Cash provides them - why change for the sake of change? It only complicates our processes, wastes taxpayer dollars and doesn't get us any closer to helping our homeless off the streets. Which should be a top priority for SF City Hall.

Victoria Holliday's picture

We need to care

Such a poignant and moving video. How can San Francisco propose to dismantle a program that the homeless community it serves wants and says works? 

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Giving a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

Wow. This video is incredibly moving. It's very sobering to hear homeless and poverty-stricken individuals speak so honestly about Care Not Cash. So often people either ignore the homeless and dismiss their pleas for help, or people's knee-jerk reaction is to just give them cash assistance, as bleeding-heart liberals are prone to do. But to fix the systemic problem of homelessness and drug abuse, San Francisco government needs to keep and strengthen homeless programs that are effective and efficient, especially Care Not Cash. Although not every homeless person is a drug addict and would use the cash for dope, but housing is a critical to helping these folks and making our streets safer for everyone. The key, though, is permanent affordable housing, and that should be the focus of policy makers, not ending a program that works.

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Why not care?!

It is hard to deny the importance of opting for care and not cash when even members of the homeless community themselves have responded positively to its benefits. Care not cash seems to direct the issue towards a long term progressive solution, versus giving cash. The homeless population needs incentive to improve their lives in terms of job opportunities and housing availability but their lack of resources prevents employers from providing such chances. By enforcing the city to actively push for the Care Not Cash program, the homeless community can be rightfully aided towards gaining these opportunities in order to move from poverty to property.

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