Pavement to Parks = Progress

San Francisco’s 15th Parklet Opened Last Week

Reset was excited to read that there is yet another parklet in San Francisco. This time, the parklet is taking congested streets head-on by constructing a pop-up park on the busy intersection of Powell Street between Eddy and Geary in the heart of a bustling thoroughfare downtown.

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Prioritizing Pedestrians over Parking Spaces

Parklets create open space in dense urban settings and rightly prioritize pedestrians over parking spaces. The City’s “Pavement to Parks” program creates public spaces across the City in areas where they are often lacking, and in many neighborhoods it has helped to quickly turn under-utilized roadways into vibrant public parks. The individual parklets will be evaluated to help determine how San Francisco can best integrate more open spaces over the long-run as our city continues to grow.

The parklet, which opened to the public last week, is the 15th installed on San Francisco sidewalks and perhaps the most ambitious one yet. As Chronicle Urban Design Critic John King described it: “The promenade consists of eight platforms, four on each side of the street, that vary in length from 62 to 96 feet. They're level with the sidewalk, extend six feet from the curb toward the middle of the street and are framed in undulating aluminum planters and rails. The flooring is aluminum as well, with tight grating that flares up in spots to provide seating and counter-like tables.”

Phil Ting has expressed his support for parklets before on Reset. As he has pointed out – part of Resetting San Francisco involves taking a look at what we are doing already – and protecting and enhancing those programs that have the greatest Civic Return on Investment. When it comes to clean and green streets that we can use to walk and bike to work and enjoy in between – the Parks to Pavement program is proving its worth.

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Parklet Add to Our Neighborhoods

Parklets are great additions to our neighborhood.  By taking over a parking spaces or two, we now have more space in our nieghborhoods to chat and relax.  While we lose a few parking spaces, the additional space we get to be outdoors and have more public space in the neighborhood is a great addition.

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