Resetting in Action - What's Happening in Other Cities?

Code for America is working proactively to close the digital divide and advance Gov 2.0 principles in places like Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and BostonAt Reset, we’re always keeping our eyes open for new and innovative uses of Web 2.0 technology to advance the principles of Gov 2.0. We try to shine a light on successful examples of open government, crowdsourcing solutions for urban challenges or using technology to make government faster and more effective.

One group already advancing these aims is Code for America – a San Francisco-based non-profit inspired by the ideal of “helping governments work better for everyone with the people and the power of the web.” Sounds right up our alley, doesn’t it?

In Boston, Code for America is already partnering with the city government to bring the best features of social networking communities to public education.

In Philadelphia, Code for America is working with the city to streamline the ways residents connect with their government.

In Seattle, Code for America is helping this Government 2.0 leader bring the power of crowdsoucing and information sharing down to a block by block level, so every neighborhood can engage with government and with each other.

That’s Resetting in action.

If you support these Gov 2.0 advances – then we encourage you to support the people who are making them happen. This Sunday, check out Code for America.

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