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A Step in the Wrong Direction

By: Phil Ting

The recent move by five supervisors to essentially gut the city’s successful Care Not Cash program is a giant step in the wrong direction and in my view San Franciscans should not support it.

I personally voted “No” on Care Not Cash in 2002. At the time I agreed with the 40% of San Franciscans who opposed the measure that we were conducting a dangerous experiment.  When we voted back then there was simply no proof that the program would work. I was particularly concerned that the cash stipends being taken away from the homeless would not go toward programs to help end homelessness, like permanent housing, job training, drug treatment and mental health counseling.

In the nearly 8 years since the program was first fully implemented, the data has become crystal clear – Care Not Cash is working to help the homeless transition off the street.

Care Not Cash is working to help the homeless transition off the street.

That’s why the last-minute move to green light a ballot measure that fundamentally undermines the program does not deserve our support this November.

I know people of good will can and will disagree on such fundamental issues. But I want to make my position clear. In my view, the proposal to dismantle Care Not Cash will not help homeless individuals now in San Francisco, and it could dramatically increase the number of homeless in the city, as people from around the region, state and even nation come here to access the guarantee of a cash payment.

This measure, if passed, will hurt our city and the people it is designed to help. A Facebook group has already started to protect Care Not Cash. I hope you will join it. If you like, you can also sign our petition to protect Care Not Cash.

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