At Last, Green Energy Is For Everyone, Even Renters!

March 20, 2012

By: Evan Wynns, Founder and Executive Director of San Francisco Energy Cooperative

The San Francisco Energy Cooperative is a community-owned effort to make the benefits of solar available to all San Franciscans. By pooling contributions from a whole community, the co-op provides solar for buildings in our neighborhoods and pays dividends back to members over time. Through our innovative model, any Californian can help the earth, earn something back and support the transition to a world powered by decentralized, sustainable energy from the grassroots.

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With the co-op, we can learn to be a society of energy farmers, and put values like environmental stewardship, shared responsibility and belief in a collaborative future into action. Thanks to the co-op, now power really is everyone's business.

Learn more about the co-op on their website, contact them at or by phone at (415) 894-7620, or get your piece of the future today at


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