Solar Panels and Our Economy

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Solar Incentives in San Francisco


Last week, Danny Kennedy, founder of Sungevity, wrote an article about GoSolarSF on SFGate and how the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is proposing a 40% cut on the program.

Why is the City proposing to cut such a successful program that is winning national acclaim as a model for a new green economy?

Solar incentives are a win-win for San Franciscans. Solar rooftops increase the value of your home - and add money to your pocket. That's why we need to preserve successful programs, like GoSolarSF, which has quadrupled the number of solar roofs in the city, created scores of new green jobs and has attracted nearly a dozen new solar companies to San Francisco.

Check out our cool infographic and sign the petition to save GoSolarSF.

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Here's another data point

Great story in NYT this morning adds info to this discussion. International panel concludes renewables could be 77% of world total by 2050 - but only if governments provide political and financial support. 

So why is San Francisco trying to cut support for local solar incentives?

Story here:

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