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Is Congestion Pricing a Good Idea?

The Transportation Authority has been proposing various congestion pricing models in the past.  A few years ago, they proposed a plan which London uses and New York piloted which was …
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Clipper Card BART scams

By  •  Transportation

Today’s edition of The Examiner has an article about the Clipper Card scam that has been affecting the BART system lately.

Apparently, the BART system is losing money because …
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Keep RCV (instant runoff)

By  •  Better Government

A previous comment here made a bad suggestion — stopping Ranked Choice Voting (instant runoff). What an awful idea

The critic that it allows only a small percentage of people …
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Get rid of Instant Runoff!!!

By  •  Better Government

I would like to see the instant runoff practice stopped altogether.  While it seemed like a good idea as it was a way to get rid of a second and …
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System Failure: California’s Prop 13

By  •  Tax Reform

Facts: 1. In virtually every county, commercial property is paying a far smaller share of the property tax since Proposition 13 passed in 1978. 2.  Commercial property is able to …
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Obstacles to More Jobs in San Francisco

By  •  Jobs

Thank you to everyone in the jobs group for helping make the Reset San Francisco launch event such a success! We want to keep the discussion going online so that …
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