Reset SF is Taking the SF Food Bank Hunger Challenge

Hunger is a serious problem in San Francisco – with 1 in 4 children and 1 in 5 adults at risk of hunger. Each day 237,00 people in San Francisco and Marin struggle to put food on the table. Many get assistance with the aid of Electronic Benefit Transfer cards (AKA food stamps). The number of San Franciscans on food stamps has grown by some 55 percent in the past 17 months. Today, about 41,743 San Franciscans rely on food stamps, according to San Francisco’s Human Services Agency. But these food stamps only amount to $4.72 a day per person for food. $4.72 a day for edible nourishment. That's it. That's all. Could you live on $4.72 a day for food and drinks? What would you eat, and what would you have to give up?

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That is what the annual San Francisco Food Bank Hunger Challenge asks participants to find out. The Hunger Challenge's goal is to help participants walk in someone else’s shoes for a week. As SF Food Bank notes, "And when you talk to family and friends and share your experiences with others, you'll help them understand why it's important for all of us to help support the families who can't feed themselves on a food stamp budget alone."

From September 11 to 16, Reset team member Victoria Holliday will be taking the 2011 SF Food Bank Hunger Challenge. During this week she will subsist on a daily food budget of just $4.72 or $33.04 for the whole week – food and drinks included. No free food – not even coffee! After each day ends, Victoria will report on her experiences and share her recipes and struggles on Reset.

You can read the official rules of the Hunger Challenge here, and please consider making a donation to the San Francisco food bank here


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Alyssa Sittig's picture

Goooo Victoria!

Just want to give a shout-out to Victoria for taking on this challenge and raising awareness! It won't be easy, but it's certainly going to be a rewarding experience and an accomplishment to be proud of. I'm definitely going to make a donation to the SF Food Bank, thanks for the inspiration.

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