Phil Ting’s Campaign to Reset San Francisco – Making Things Happen, Not Just Talking About It

Last week, one San Francisco Supervisor proposed creating a transparent, user-friendly online database to show how the City and County of San Francisco spends our money. That’s a great idea that we can all get behind – but we need to stop talking and start doing.

It is so Gov 1.0 to call for something to happen – particularly during an election. It is Gov 2.0 to make it happen now.

That’s why Reset San Francisco has taken the first steps to make transparent data a reality for San Francisco. We partnered with California Common Sense (CACS) to launch our own online, open government transparency portal with interactive visualizations, so that you can explore the data for yourself.

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Last Thursday, Reset founder Phil Ting held a press conference with CACS to unveil this online tool. (See the video here.) The website reveals 10 years of past data, and you can download the raw data, share the graphs and embed the portal on your own site. The performance outcome graphs compare data to gauge if we’re spending wisely.

This online tool is just the first step. CACS plans to incorporate more data, more interactive features and a comprehensive comparative analysis between San Francisco and San Jose.

You can explore the data for yourself here:

Better Government Starts with Better Information

To Reset San Francisco, we not only need greater access to information, but also we need better tools to analyze the mountains of data that already exists. The powerful visualizations created by California Common Sense help show how and where our tax dollars are being spent. And this information is a vital first step in making sure our city government is always improving.

City Hall can – and should – do more to provide citizens with universal access to their government. Whether it’s through Smartphone apps or social media, like Facebook and Twitter, our city government can be more effective and more responsive. And that starts with making things happen now.


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